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  1. I didn’t receive a coupon I was expecting.
  2. Do all stores in a Chain participate in the same promotional offers?
  3. I used a rain check outside of the offer period and didn’t get a coupon.
  4. Can you tell me why my coupon didn’t print?
  5. I’m concerned the store where I shopped appeared to be facing an issue with printing coupons. What can be done for customers that missed offers?


  1. What is a Loyalty Rewards program?
  2. How are you counting my purchases?
  3. My household has a few different loyalty cards from the same retailer. Will they all count toward the program?
  4. Can I earn more than one reward?
  5. Can I earn my reward on one trip?
  6. Can I receive more than one reward in one trip?
  7. How will I receive my reward?
  8. You are not showing my purchases accurately!
  9. I didn’t receive an in-store status message!
  10. I earned a reward but don’t see the status online!
  11. What is my Loyalty Card balance?


  1. I never received my reward!
  2. What information is required in order to request fulfillment for an offer you were expecting?
  3. How do you validate my transaction qualified for a coupon?
  4. How long do I have to request fulfillment for an offer I was expecting?
  5. How long will it take to validate my request for fulfillment after I submit a request?
  6. How long will it take to get my replacement coupon?
  7. I received a slightly different coupon than what I expected.
  8. I shopped after the offer ended and missed out on getting a coupon.
  9. I never received my rebate after I mailed it in.
  10. How will I receive my PIN code from fulfillment?
  11. Why doesn’t my PIN code work?
  12. Why was my fulfillment rejected?
  13. Why aren’t Post Office Box addresses accepted for fulfillment?
  14. How will I know when my fulfillment has been sent?